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A Few Facts about LinkedIn

a few facts about linkedin 2017

Here are just a few important facts about LinkedIn


  • LinkedIn grows 2 as faster as Facebook and Twitter.
  • It’s the most valuable channel where you can find people with money, more business elite and c-suite.
  • They now have 500 million community members in 200 countries, adding also 9 + million company pages.
  • Every connection on LinkedIn reflects an average of 400 new people you can get introduced to and begin to build relationships with, and encompasses 100 new companies who may be looking for the skills and talents you offer.
  • You can target specific audiences like companies names and your ad will be shown to those companies’ management.
  • Latest news, LinkedIn will be soon combining forces with Microsoft, so be prepared for growth at all levels.


In conclusion, start right now being an active professional and get the most out of this platform benefits.


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